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The Plötzensee Memorial Center

A joint internet offer by the
German Resistance Memorial Center and the
Foundation 20th July 1944.

Editing: Ute Stiepani, Pro. Dr. Johannes Tuchel
Fon: +49-30-2699-5000
E-mail: sekretariat@gdw-berlin.de
Website: Lehmann & Werder Museumsmedien

© Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand 2002

This internet offer documents
the exhibition shown in the Plötzensee Memorial Center.

Editing: Prof. Dr. Johannes Tuchel
Assisted by: Dr. Klaus Bästlein
Dr. Bernd Florath
Dipl.-.Hist. Andreas Herbst
Dipl.-Pol. Ulrike Hett
Ute Stiepani M.A.
Design: Atelier Prof. Hans Peter Hoch/Andreas Hoch
Translation: John Grossman M.A.

The exhibition and website are funded by the Federal Government Commissioners for Culture and Media.

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