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11 Judicial Murders of Czech Resistance Fighters

A number of high-ranking Czech officers form the illegal military organization Obrana Národa (ON - Defense of the Nation) after the German occupation in March 1939. Even the Czech administrative authorities of the “Protectorate” maintain close contact with the exile government under Edvard Beneš in London for a long time. They provide the exile government with information, and organize the escape of volunteers for the Czech units fighting on the side of the Allies.

The intelligence organization of the ON succeeds for a while in infiltrating entire institutions of the Protectorate administration. In 1940-41 the ÚVOD (Center of the Domestic Resistance Movement) begins to coordinate the activities of the various illegal resistance organizations. The ÚVOD is also recognized by the exile government as the representative of domestic Czech resistance. The organization maintains contact with the PÚ (Political Center), the socialist PVVZ (Petition Committee ”We Remain Loyal”), the ON, and the KSČ (Communist Party of Czechoslovakia).

Because the ”Reich Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia” is subject to German law, the ”People’s Court” sentences hundreds of Czech resistance fighters from all political groups to death. More than 670 of them are murdered in Plötzensee alone.

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