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14 July 20, 1944    

Between August 21 and September 29, 1944, 30 people are all sentenced to death in another seven trials. In contrast to the initial trials, all of these later proceedings no longer receive any publicity. This would contradict the National Socialist assertion of the ”small clique of traitors without any conscience” and expose the broad base of the resistance movement.

On September 7 and 8, 1944, the proceedings focus on the civilian leaders of the coup attempt as Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, Wilhelm Leuschner, Josef Wirmer, Ulrich von Hassell, and Paul Lejeune-Jung go on trial. Social Democrats Julius Leber, Hermann Maaß, and Adolf Reichwein are sentenced on October 20, 1944. In late November 1944, Erich and Elisabeth Gloeden, Elisabeth Kuznitzky, Hans Sierks, and Carl Marks are sentenced to death for aiding fugitive artillery general Fritz Lindemann, who died of gunshot wounds shortly after his arrest. Others receive penitentiary and prison sentences.

The major trial against the members of the Kreisau Circle only takes place between January 9 and 11, 1945. Helmuth James Graf von Moltke writes to his wife Freya: ”We are being executed because we thought together.” Moltke is sentenced to death together with Franz Sperr and Alfred Delp; a few days later Freisler sentences Theodor Haubach, Theodor Steltzer, and Nikolaus Gross to death.

On February 2, 1945, the circle around Klaus Bonhoeffer is prosecuted. He, his brother-in-law Rüdiger Schleicher, Hans John, and Friedrich Justus Perels are sentenced to death. This is the last trial that Roland Freisler conducts. On February 3, 1945, he is crushed by a falling beam in the building of the ”People’s Court” during an air raid.

For almost a month there are no more trials. Fritz Voigt, Franz Leuninger, and Oswald Wiersich are only sentenced to death on February 26, 1945. The verdicts are somewhat more lenient after Freisler’s death; several defendants receive prison sentences. In March 1945 Arthur Nebe and Friedrich Fromm are sentenced to death; later death sentences can no longer be documented.

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