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Please note

For health reasons, the Plötzensee Memorial Center is currently closed for visitors. We expect to reopen on April 20, 2020. Our guided tours are also cancelled.

We very much regret the closure and apologize for any inconvenience.

For more information on the closure of cultural institutions operated by the City of Berlin, please see the press release from the Senate Department of Culture and Europe: (German only)


The Plötzensee Memorial Center commemorating the victims of National Socialism is a site of quiet remembrance. From 1933 to 1945, more than 2,800 people unjustly sentenced to death by the National Socialist judiciary were executed here. Today, the execution chamber is a memorial. The permanent exhibition in the room adjoining it commemorates all victims of the unjust Nazi justice system murdered here.

1 The Plötzensee Prison
2 Executions in Plötzensee 1933 - 1945
3 Liselotte Herrmann / Hermann Stöhr
4 Erich Deibel / Josef and Veronika Augustyniak
5 The European Union
6 Tatar Resistance Fighters Around Musa Dzhalil
7 The Bloody Nights of Plötzensee
8 The Bloody Nights of Plötzensee
9 The Red Orchestra
10 Judicial Terror
11 Judicial Murders of Czech Resistance Fighters
12 July 20, 1944
13 July 20, 1944
14 July 20, 1944

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