Elli Hatschek.
Gestapo photograph, October 1943.
Elli Hatschek is born as Elli Lotz on July 2, 1901, in Wetzlar. In September 1943, she is arrested with her husband, engineer Paul Hatschek. Paul Hatschek had unsuccessfully attempted to pass information collected by the European Union on to the Soviet Union. The ”People’s Court” sentences him and his daughter Krista Lavíčková to death on March 27, 1944. He is murdered on May 15, 1944, at the Brandenburg penitentiary. On November 4, 1944, the ”People’s Court” sentences Elli Hatschek to death because of her affiliations with the European Union and for ”subversion of national defense.” She is murdered in Plötzensee on December 8, 1944.
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