Prison file for Václav Hampeis with a memorandum of his execution on September 8, 1943, at 1:25.
Václav Hampeis is born on January 28, 1894, in the Bohemian town of Trpoměchy near Slaný. After attending primary school, he attends commercial school where learns the business trade. After two years in Prague, he is employed by an insurance company in his home town northwest of the capital. He is married and has three children. The youngest, Jitka, is only a year old in 1943. In spite of this, he supports the efforts of various resistance groups. Together with seven other Czech from national resistance organizations, Hampeis is sentenced to death on August 5, 1943, by the ”People’s Court” for ”acts preparatory to high treason” and is murdered in Plötzensee in the night September 7-8, 1943.
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