Arvid and Mildred Harnack.
A law scholar and economist, Arvid Harnack directs Arplan, the widely recognized working group for the study of the Soviet Russian planned economy prior to 1933. From 1933 on, Harnack emphatically opposes the National Socialist regime and finds sympathizers in the circle around Adam and Greta Kuckhoff, a married couple. However, his most important confidant is his American-born wife Mildred, who had followed him to Germany in 1929. Fundamental questions of political, scholarly, literary, and artistic development are discussed in the circle around the Harnacks. On September 7, 1942, Arvid and Mildred Harnack are arrested. Arvid Harnack is sentenced to death on December 19, and Mildred Harnack is sentenced to six years in a penitentiary. On Hitler’s orders, the verdict is annulled, and the Reich Military Court sentences Mildred Harnack to death in a new trial on January 16, 1943. Mildred Harnack is arrested with a book of poems by Goethe in her possession, and she translates several of these while in custody, the last one on February 16, 1942, the day of her execution.
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