Death sentence against Hans Dobroszczyk of March 2, 1943.
Born in 1907 in Berlin, Hans Dobroszczyk attends primary school and quits his apprenticeship as a baker. In 1927, he comes to Berlin, works in various plants, and finally gets a job as a custodian at Thomas & Co. On March 1, 1943, he also takes on a second job as a ticker taker at the Ufa cinema on Nollendorfplatz. In the early morning of March 2, 1943, he is reported to the authorities for having picked a handbag from the ruins of a building after an air raid. This is construed as ”looting.” He is arrested, charged, and sentenced to death that same day by Special Court II of Regional Court, Berlin. On the morning of the next day, March 3, 1943, Hans Dobroszczyk is murdered in Plötzensee.
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