Death sentence against Jakob Gapp handed down by the ”People’s Court” on July 2, 1943.
Born in 1897 in Tirol, priest Jakob Gapp is transferred from Graz to Freistadt/Oberdonau in March 1938 because he speaks out against Germany’s Anschluss of Austria and refuses to wear a swastika at school. Gapp continues to criticize National Socialist policies and is finally forced to flee to France in January 1939. There, too, he condemns the persecution of Catholics in Germany. Now living in Valencia, Gapp is lured into German occupied France by the Gestapo in November 1942 and arrested there. The ”People’s Court” under Roland Freisler sentences him to death on July 2, 1943, for ”aiding the enemy.” Jakob Gapp is murdered in Plötzensee on August 13, 1943.
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