Josef Srstka.
Gestapo photograph.
Josef Srstka is born on May 27, 1895, in the Moravian town of Brumovice. During World War I he serves in the Austro-Hungarian army, but after being captured by Russian troops he joins the Czechoslovak Legion that is fighting for Czechoslovakian independence on the side of the Entente. After the founding of the Czechoslovakian Republic, he serves in its army as a career officer. When the army is dissolved by the German occupation, he is discharged with the rank of colonel. He works in the illegal organization of Obrana Národa, where he temporarily assumes the function of chief of staff of the underground army from General Dolečal. In the spring of 1941, the ÚVOD entrusts him with the support of the family members of resistance fighters, soldiers fighting for the Allies, and victims of National Socialist terror. As soldier he is prepared, as the verdict of the ”People’s Court” states, to take up ”arms against the Reich.”
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